How we operate

Artinia Group works closely with management teams to unlock growth opportunities, execute value creation strategies and expand market leadership. We use our CEO and CFO experience and deep industry expertise to be hands-on partners with our extended teams.

The experience

  • Direct, hands-on operational experience in target industries
  • Extensive knowledge of supply and value chain drivers
  • Prior operators as CEO and CFO of scaling businesses
  • Productivity and supply chain strategy expertise Investment experience spans three funds and over $200 million equity invested
  • Understand the M&A process and how to maximize value at exit

The benefits

  • Active investor working as an extension of management teams to bolster capabilities and accelerate growth
  • Expertise navigating government and agency procurement and contract award processes
  • Sales and marketing expertise and strategic finance acumen to grow profitably
  • Supply chain optimization and resiliency improves working capital cycles and inventory turns
  • Teams aligned with culture and vision that are accountable to performance and execution
Growth and Value Creation Investment Areas

Product and engineering

  • Asset/systems modernization
  • Product lifecycle management
  • Research and development
  • Design and engineering excellence

Team and talent

  • Recruiting excellence
  • Performance management
  • Culture/vision alignment
  • Competitive moat

Sales and marketing

  • Modern lead generation/funnel mgmt
  • Contract and program acquisition
  • Competitive win rate optimization
  • Incentive compensation structures

Operational productivity

  • Supply chain efficiencies and resiliency
  • OEE/OPE optimization
  • Cash conversion
  • Procurement savings


  • Vertical integration
  • Geographic expansion
  • Product/adjacency expansion
  • Category consolidation

Margin expansion

  • Digital transformation
  • Pricing strategy
  • Competitive positioning
  • Automation

Exceptional results

Artinia Group has a track record of growing and scaling businesses, implementing operational productivity improvements, digitizing and modernizing, and ultimately positioning for long-term value creation.

$210 million portfolio revenue increase over 5 years
  • 26% revenue CAGR
  • 300%+ average revenue growth
Does not include awards of multiple US DoD and other large government agency contract vehicles, ranging from $100,000 contracts to multi-billion dollar IDIQs.
4x investment returns and 50% IRR

Impact initiatives

Growth initiatives

Increased customer retention and share of wallet expansion 27% by implementing customer success function and quarterly business reviews

Over-achieved sales targets by 58% by implementing a customer prioritization analytical model and new sales for a B2B technology sales team

Delivered 44% revenue CAGR by altering sales team composition, named account coverage, and improving commission plans to deter quarter stuffing

Margin improvements

Overhauled legacy IT infrastructure, implementing a digital technology platform and capturing 30%+ run-rate savings

Built predictive models to increase asset availability and reduce maintenance downtime by 20% for an Aerospace organization

Designed digital platform to modernize operations of a pilot training program, reducing error rates by 20% and enabling 10% budget re-allocation

Working With Us
 Ultimately, our company’s new perception led to numerous offers by interested parties, ending with an acquisition.”

Chief Technology Officer (4-year relationship, investor & operator role)